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Let us believe this is true of our beloved pets.

Rainbow of One

We children of God are of many colors,

yet we come from one almighty brush of truth.

Ever the artist, the great Power of the Universe blends diversity.

The canvas of wisdom accepts all hues and thrives with every stroke of humanity.

Let our lights of color mix one into the other upon the great sky.

God is Light

You are the ever lasting light of life.

You sweep away the dark of life on the Earth.

Sweetly breathe away the shadows within me.

Sweep away the painful hurt of my heart, that I may know peace.

Radiate your love upon me,
To purge away what hate I feel.

I am tired of the loneliness of the dark.
I hunger to breathe in your soft and loving light, that it may nourish me.

Shine your love upon the path so I may find and embrace you;
To hug your light and shun forever the prison of the dark.

Pray for World Peace

Give us, your children of Earth,
The overwhelming power of your love
That will drown the hate of war
With the peaceful waters of your wisdom.

Pray for the Hungry

Give me strength to endure the unendurable.

Give me the will to take decisive action against all forces,
To bring food to the empty bellies of the starving children of Earth.

Do not curse me for I, myself, do not know hunger.
Rather give me the power to feed all who hunger- the most nourishing power of all.

I gladly cede back to you all that is my earthly kingdom
For to end the suffering of but one starving child.

God of all children, make me your messenger;
To cry the pain of the hungry to all governments under your kingdom
That global action be taken to wipe forever from Earth
The evil of all mankind - HUNGER!

For Those Who Forsake God

Dearest God,
I have not believed in you as strongly as I should.
I often forsake you and hold myself central to my own life.

I have moved away from you in dark times,
Yet, I know I should leap into the light of your compassionate heart.

I retreat to darkness; I have shunned your glory.
Give me your love and strength to dissolve the dark inside me;
That I embrace your light and follow your heart always.

Fear Not, Hate Not, Suffer Not The Soul

Dear Lord,
Give me the strength to fear not any of my brothers and sisters of the Earth.
For fear leads to anger, I wish not to have anger toward any that is your child.
For anger leads to hate, I wish not to have hate in my heart.
For hate leads to suffering, I wish my soul not to suffer.
As such I pray for peace for my mind, peace for my soul, and peace for my heart.

2 Samuel 22:3 -
The God of my rock; in him will I trust
he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour;
thou savest me from violence.

Stairway to Heaven

You put one foot in front of the other
on your ascent to the power of the universe.
The stairway to heaven is real
for the mind can see infinity.
Within all God's children lies a path to the eternal.
With every step you take, you unburden what troubles you.
Shed your mortal anchor upon the stairs and rise to serenity.

Forever Remember: God loves you!
Please donate $2.00
Keep this prayer site running.
Peace be with you!

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