Alexander J. Bernal

May the light of a million candles guide you in dark times.

When enemy forces are at heel
and you are at sanity's edge,
that is when you
are at your finest!

THE MOVIE PAL: Alexander's movie web portal.

American Freedom 1776: Alexander's American History site.

Presidents of the United States: Alexander's list and portraits of presidents.
I am still updating the legacy aspect of the site. Be patient but visit now anyway.

HENRY FONDA: Alexander's personal tribute to his favorite actor.

Classic Movie Posters: Alexander's collection of movie posters. You will want to see every movie.

Prayers and Alexander's tribute to the power of faith.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN - Memorabilia: Alexander's shop features Lincoln souvenirs. Send this link to friends.

The Ark Co-op of Austin, Texas: the student housing cooperative I lived in from May 1984 to its closing May 1988.

The Ark Co-op on Facebook: Arkies of the World Unite

My videos are online. Check them out.

Beware of Mother Goose

How did Poppin' Fresh get his name? I'll tell you in the video.

Who invented the sandwich? What should be his legacy?

My take on Presidents of the United States.


Please show your love
of Abraham Lincoln.
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The PEANUTS gang wish you "Peace, Love, and Happiness!"